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Metro East Real Estate Investors Association 

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Who Are We

MEREIA’s mission is to educate investors and landlords on the ethical creation of wealth through real estate, and to promote a positive public image of the real estate industry, while helping to enact investor-friendly legislation.

The Metro East Real Estate Investors Association is a not for profit corporation formed to assist investors, landlords and property managers in keeping up with changing legislation and learning newer or more economical methods of maintaining compliance with existing laws while maximizing cash flow opportunities.

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Membership Benefits 

  • Monthly Newsletter and Handouts

  • Monthly Meeting

  • Educational Opportunities

  • Vendor Discounts

  • Membership to National Real Estate Investors Association

  • Membership to Illinois Rental Property Owners Association (IRPOA)

  • Membership to MEREIA Granite City Sub Chapter 

  • Networking Seasoned Investors

    • Save time by learning from others experience (and mistakes!)

    • Learn the Latest Techniques

    • Opportunities to buy, sell, and trade items, property or?

    • Latest Legislative updates that affect your bottom line

    • Volunteer opportunities

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Oppose Rent Control, Ceilings on Application Fees and Deposits


Legislators in Springfield are considering bills this week that will do damage to your business and tenants alike. The best time for you to stop these bills is now, while they are in committee.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Take a few minutes to file Witness Slips! They are an easy, efficient, and effective way to communicate your views. If you haven't filed Witness Slips before, the painless steps to follow are below. The time for action is NOW!


Haven't filled out a Witness Slip yet? It's really very simple. Here's all you need to provide:

  • Your Information: Fill in your name identification

  • Representation:  You can list more than one thing here: self, your business, I.R.P.O.A. or other groups

  • Position: Please select the radio button for OPPONENT or PROPONENT, as appropriate

  • Testimony:  Record of Appearance Only - this doesn't mean you need to be there - you are appearing via Witness Slip

  • NOTE: If you are going to be there and want to talk - Oral, If you are sending or handing in written testimony - Written Statement Filed

Then agree to the ILGA terms and hit the button to create the Witness Slip.

As an industry, we need to make sure our voices are not only heard, but listened to!

Please consider taking your action a step further. You can call your Illinois State Representative and Illinois State Senator and discuss these issues with them. Please send them your comments in writing as well. How will these proposals affect you? Let them know that there is more than one side to this story.

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Get in Touch

Phone/text:  Kevin Bouse/1 (618) 410-1047

Facebook: Metro East Real Estate Investors Association 


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