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Buy, Sell, Trade Rules

Opportunities to buy, sell or trade new or used items, lots, real estate and/or commercial properties


Only Members and "Qualified Vendors" can speak to the group during Buy Sell Trade. An individual may qualify for more than one category.

Member: Anyone who has paid their annual dues or received a life membership in the association is a member.

Associate Members: Anyone who is not the principal member cannot speak. Example: Bob's Apartments is a $90.00 member. Bob also has five associates and he pays an additional $125.00 each year so that each of them can attend the meetings. Only Bob or his partner can speak.

Qualified Vendors: Any vendor who has an ad in the newsletter, a proven track record of donating prizes or giving substantial product discounts will be considered a Qualified Vendor.

Non-Qualified Vendor: Any vendor who offers free estimates, 10% off of some unpublished service agreement or intangible "deals that do not promote the benefits of membership".


REIA Associations

National REIA - "The National Real Estate Investors Association is a 501 (c) 6 trade association. We are a federation made up of local associations or investment clubs throughout the United States. We represent local investor associations, property owner associations, apartment associations, and landlord associations on a national scale. Together we represent the interests of approximately 40,000 members across the U.S. As such, we are the largest broad based organization dedicated to the individual investor."

Illinois Rental Property Owners Association - "IRPOA shall provide a statewide organization to promote the interests of persons, firms, and corporations who develop, own, or manage residential rental housing; to inform members about current issues and interests, including legislative activities; and to conduct such activities as are necessary to carry out the goals of the Association"

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